رب اجعل هذا البلد امنا....


Petition online

Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition
To The Concerned Citizen of The World:
"Killing innocent civilians is NOT an act of self-defense. Destroying a sovereign nation is NOT a measured response."
Lebanese civilians have been under the constant attack of the state of Israel for several days. The State of Israel, in disregard to international law and the Geneva Convention, is launching a maritime and air siege targeting the entire population of the country. Innocent civilians are being collectively punished in Lebanon by the state of Israel in deliberate acts of terrorism as described in Article 33 of the Geneva Convention.
The Lebanese people feel left out by the world that is turning a blind eye on the savagery of the Israeli state. Israel does not seem to be capable of approaching any problem outside the realm of the military power bestowed on it by the government of the United States of America and other western governments.
We are writing you this letter in the hope that this massacre is immediately stopped. It is the universal duty of each individual to defend the innocents and expose the truth. The numerous civilian victims of the Israeli operations are increasing by the hour. The viciousness of the attacks has attained terrifying levels where a child has been cut in three while another was half burned.
The Israeli war machine, in its blind savagery, is destroying not only our lives but the foundations that could help the civilians survive beyond their massacre. The Israeli Defense Forces are destroying in few hours what Lebanon has spent years and billions of dollars to rebuild.
Up until now more than 1200 Lebanese civilians have been killed and thousands missing under the rubbles , thousands wounded, bridges and infrastructure destroyed, refugees are leaving Beirut in droves and worst of all the enforced siege might lead to a human catastrophe in the next few days. There must be an end to this cycle of violence and continuous violation of international laws and basic ethical behavior.
Between the blindness of the international community and the deafness of the Arab one, the besieged Lebanese population has no way out.
Peace begins with justice


the truth from "amnesty"

Lebanon: Destruction of civilian infrastructure
First-hand information gathered by recent Amnesty International research missions to Lebanon and Israel points to an Israeli policy of deliberate destruction of Lebanese civilian infrastructure during the recent conflict. DestructionThe long-term impact of the destruction of Lebanon’s infrastructure on the lives of the country’s men, women and children is incalculable. Many have lost their homes while having to cope with the deaths of loved ones or struggling to overcome severe injuries. Many more have lost their livelihoods. Records showing home and property ownership have been destroyed, adding to the difficulties of rebuilding lives. The head of the country’s Council for Development and Reconstruction, Fadl Shalak, said on 16 August that the damage incurred amounted to US $3.5 billion: US $2 billion for buildings and US $1.5 billion for infrastructure such as bridges, roads and power plants.
Civilian victimsEntire families were killed in air strikes on their homes or in their vehicles while fleeing the aerial assaults on their villages. Scores lay buried beneath the rubble of their houses for weeks, as the Red Cross and other rescue workers were prevented from accessing the areas by continuing Israeli strikes. The hundreds of thousands of Lebanese who fled the bombardment now face the danger of unexploded munitions as they head home. The Israeli Air Force launched more than 7,000 air attacks on about 7,000 targets in Lebanon between 12 July and 14 August, while the Navy conducted an additional 2,500 bombardments. The attacks, though widespread, particularly concentrated on certain areas. An estimated 1,183 people died, about one third of whom have been children, 4,054 people were injured and 970,000 Lebanese people have been displaced.
InvestigationAmnesty International's findings point to an Israeli policy of deliberate destruction of Lebanese civilian infrastructure, which included war crimes, during the recent conflict.The organisation calls for the immediate establishment of a comprehensive, independent and impartial UN inquiry into violations of international humanitarian law by both Hizbullah and Israel in the conflict. The inquiry should examine in particular the impact of this conflict on the civilian population. It should propose effective measures to hold accountable those responsible for crimes under international law, and to ensure that the victims receive full reparation.


جنبلاط هو الاخر

لا اعرف لماذا انزعجت كثيرا عندما استمعت الى خطاب السيد وليد جنبلاط؟هل هو الانزعاج من خطاب السيد وليد جنبلاط ؟بسبب عودة لغة الاستفزازات المتبادلة الى السياسة اللبنانية او الى مشروع الفتنة الذى تتبناه الولايات المتحدة او ربما الى الهجوم علىرموز المقاومة اللبنانية التى اصبح لهل اعظم مكانة فى العالم العربى والاسلامى.ندائنا للجميع ر

دعوة من مدونة صديقة


الأسد والمقاومة

مثلما حدث عند بداية الحرب على لبنان عندما خرج علينا عدد من القادة العرب بتصريحات مستفزة وغير مسؤلة اعطت غطاءاَ شرعياَ للعدوان ها هو الرئيس السورى يخرج علينا بنصريخ اكثر سخفاَ واستفزازاَ.فلا يوجد فرق بين النصريحات المتخازلة الانهزامية وبين التصريحات المزايدة المتاجرة بانتصارات ودماء الا حرين.وان اقصى ما يمكن ان يقدمه تصريح مثل هذا للبنانيين هومشروع فتنة جديدة ندعوا الله ان يحفظ لبنان من شرها


New Campaign to Help Lebanese

For more than two weeks, the Lebanese people have been suffering from the brutal Zionist aggression, which resulted in the martyrdom of hundreds, injury of thousands, mostly women and children, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands from their homes.Social and civil society institutions are doing their best in providing shelters, food and medicine for the emigrants. A big number of the Lebanese communities coordinated with each other to achieve the mission successfully, Islamic Da'wa Center- headed by Mr. Shafeeq al- Kosa- is agreed to manage this coordination, receive the aids and distribute them according to needs.
So we ask for sending aids to:
(Relief)- Islamic Da'wa Center in Beirut
Account no. 5367 (al- Baraka bank- main branch- Rasheed Kramy st.) Or sending them to one of the following societies:
Name of society
Account number
Subulul khair Society in Lebanon(Lebanese Beneficence ways Society)
`Udah bank- al- thareef branch- account no. 513690 461 02 029
Al-Irshad al- khairiah Society (the Beneficiary Guidance Society)- Beirut
Beibluos bank- Tripoli- account no. 50 02 251 447445 0 1
Al- Hai'a Al-Islamiah lil- re'ayah (the Islamic Authority for Care)
Al- ryadh Beirut bank- Saida- account no. 49 01 62209 62146 2
Al- Jam'yah al- Islamiah lil- Re'ayah wal– Inma' (the Islamic Society for Care and Development) the border area
Beirut and Arab countries bank- Haseeba- account no. 20459910
Al- aw'i wal Muwasah al- Khairyah ( Beneficiary Society for Awareness and Assistance)-–al- Kharoup province
France bank 03 46 2221791867 94
Jam'yatul –abrar al- khayria al- Islamiah (Abrar (Devotees) Beneficiary Islamic Society)- al-Beqa'
The Arab Finance House-–account no. 100000001206
Aljam'yatul- ttebyah al-Islamiyah (the Islamic Medical Society)- Beirut
Beibluos bank- independence st.- account no. 6300200252791205
Aljam'yatul- ttebyah al-Islamiyah (the Islamic Medical Society)- Tripoli
The Lebanese French bank- Tripoli- account no. 245251040 Or to any society with which you deal, if so, please contact Islamic Da'wa Center to coordinate with it. Really it is a huge responsibility; the emigrants are about to be million, most of them needing all kinds of assistance, especially food, medicine and shelter.I call all the Lebanese, and the charitable people every where to assume the responsibility to relieve the pains of women, Children and the aging, and to help the Mujahed (struggling) Lebanese to face this brutal Zionist aggression.Beirut, 28 Jumada ІІ, 1427 H24/7/2006 A.D.The consultant Sheikh Faisal Mawlawi's
E- mail: amana@cyberia.net.ibTel. 01 7419012 Fax: 00961 1 354522 P.O. 6792-13 Shoran Lebanon- Beirut 1102 2150


High Commissioner addresses Human Rights Council special session on the situation in Israel and Lebanon
11 August 2006Statement by Ms. Louise Arbour, United Nations High Commissioner for Human RightsOn the Occasion of the 2nd Special Session of the Human Rights Council
Geneva , 11 August 2006
Mr. President,Distinguished Members of the Human Rights Council,Excellencies,Ladies and Gentlemen
I am grateful for this opportunity to address the second special session of the Human Rights Council . The accumulated and increasing toll of civilian deaths and injuries in Lebanon and Israel , the massive displacement of populations and the destruction of civilian infrastructure in Lebanon require the intervention of this Council to impress upon the parties to the conflict the urgent need to comply with their obligations under international human rights and humanitarian law.
Nearly a month from its beginning and worsening by the day, this crisis demands a firm and meaningful response from this Council. Such response should meet the requirements of the high mandate bestowed upon this body and the hopes of the people whose protection depends on its deliberations. It is imperative that we devote all our efforts to an immediate cessation of the hostilities, to save lives, and ensure justice for the victims and accountability for violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.
Mr. President,
The most basic human right is the right to life: under no circumstances can anyone be arbitrarily deprived of his or her life. I, and many others, have repeatedly reminded all parties to the conflict that in carrying out military operations, they must distinguish at all times between civilians and combatants. Civilians must never be the object of a direct intentional attack. The anticipated incidental loss of civilian life and damage to civilian property must always be proportionate to the pursuit of a concrete and direct military objective. Indiscriminate attacks are prohibited and civilians must not be used to shield military objectives from attack.
While effective advance warning of attacks which may affect civilian populations must be given, compliance with this legal obligation does not relieve the parties from their other obligations under international law regarding the protection of civilians. These are some of the fundamental principles that all belligerents must adhere to.
When these legal obligations regulating the conduct of hostilities are violated, personal criminal responsibility may ensue, particularly for those in position of command and control.
Thus, I reminded all belligerents that war crimes and crimes against humanity may be committed even by those who believe, accurately or not, that their combat is a just one and their cause a worthy pursuit.
Yet, a lmost on a daily basis, i nformation from the field indicates an alarming pattern in the scale and choice of targets by all sides in the conflict. The deaths of hundreds of civilians in documented and corroborated incidents, involving either random or targeted attacks on civilian vehicles or buildings, strongly suggest the indiscriminate use of force.
On 30 July, the world was shocked by the Israeli attack on the residential building in Qana that killed scores of civilians, including a large number of children, who had sought shelter there. Hundreds of people have died in Lebanon , while the survivors have endured and continue to endure large-scale destruction of critical infrastructure and utter devastation. But, to date, Israeli attacks affecting civilians continue unabated.
Also unrelenting is Hezbollah’s indiscriminate shelling of densely populated centers in Northern Israel which has brought death and destruction. There have also been repeated allegations of Hezbollah’s systematic use of civilians as human shields.
Mr. President,
There is a clear and urgent need to bring clarity to a situation in which facts and allegations are now given the same credit but without the benefit of systematic, independent, thorough and credible scrutiny.
There have been pressing calls for a comprehensive, high-level inquiry into reports of serious violations of human rights law and international humanitarian law in Israel and Lebanon to be led by internationally renowned experts. The independence, impartiality and objectivity of such an inquiry must be guaranteed not only by the credibility of the panel members, but also by the scope and methodology of their mandate. Within a human rights framework, the inquiry should be primarily concerned with the plight of the victims. It should address all violations by all parties, and lay the foundation for possible measures of reparation and accountability.
Mr. President,
Distinguished Members of the Human Rights Council,
After the destruction of the last bridge over the Litani River , I am particularly concerned by the humanitarian situation of the population remaining in the south of Lebanon . They are in dire need of food, water, and medical assistance, which humanitarian workers are no longer able to deliver.
The plight of displaced persons in the war zone and of refugees in neighbouring countries is also of grave concern. Their right to food, to health, to adequate housing, the right of their children to education must be respected.
The magnitude of the suffering of civilians under attack demands a full-scale commitment and concerted, decisive action by the international community as a whole. As far as this Council is concerned, its intervention should be directed to the people whose fundamental rights have been and continue to be violated, to those who have suffered the loss of family and friends, who have been injured and displaced, who now endure hunger and severe deprivation because of the destruction of their possessions. The Council’s commitment to exposing all human rights violations and to addressing the calls of all victims for reparation and justice will help those affected by this conflict to start rebuilding their shattered lives.
Thank youfrom:


فى حب لبنان

أنا المصري.!! قصيدة في حب شهداء لبنان المقاومة!!

بقلم: عبدالرحمن الأبنودي
:أنا المصري.. كريم العنصرين
سليل المخلصين.. المؤينين
وحامي الأمة في وقت الشدايد
وشقَّاق السِّكك للواردي
نودمّي ملك ليكم.. أجمعين
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين.
أنا المصري كريم العنصرين..
فقدت العقل والصوت والأيدي
نوبعد ما كنت نجدة وروح ووقفة
مانيش عارف نسيت ده كله فين
ومين اللي سلبني اسمي مين؟
!أنا المصري..كريم العنصرين..؟
وكنت أصرخ أطفِّي النار بصوتي
ويحيي أمّتي في الشدّة.. موتي
فمين اللي كتب عاري ف جبيني
ومين اللي سرق شعلة سكوتي
وأنا اللي غنايا صحي العالمين
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين..؟
أنا مِتْباع.. ماهيش عادْتَك يا وطني
عدوْ.. لِعدو.. ومين ما قبضْش تَمَني
صبي البقال يتاجر في الضماي
روأحلا عمري ضاع مستنِّي زمني.
بقينا بصمتنا الموت.. مُكتفين.
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين
كان الوحل.. شد الرِّجل منِّي
أنوح وأبكِي وأنا قاصد أغنّي
وواقفين علي الشطوط بأيادي سودا
محال.. حيغرّقوني غصْب عني
لو نصبوا في قلبي ميت كمين
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين.
بنيتها من الهرم للسدِّ.. يَدِّي
بنتْها كلها ف لحظة تحدي
وكنت زعيم نبيل ما بين جيفارا
وتيتو وكاسترو ونهرو وغاندي
ومش محتاج أقول أنا كنت مين؟
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين!!
وكان يخطب تصيب الدنيا ربكة
ومن لبنان يعود أسطول أمريكا
ولينا في الوجود كلمة ومكانة
وأخوة في الأمل.. دمعة وضحك
ةورقابينا الأبية... مرفوعين.
.أنا المصريكريم العنصرين..!
وجُونا اللي رمونا... للمهالك
تقول: »لأّه« يقولولها: »وانتي مالِك«؟
تقول: »لبنان.. أحبابنا الأعزّة
«يقولوا: »يغوروا.. وتغوروا كذلك
«.نسيت من همي أبقي إزاي حزين!!
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين
وبعنا كل شئ ينباع.. بِدِقَّة
بشفافيّة ومن غير أي سِرقة
ونظَّرْنا لِعِلْم النهب..
صرنابننهب كل شيء.. لكن برقة
بقينا دكاترة وسط النشالين!
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين.
زمان كان فيه مَلِك فاحت روايحُه
وثوار جيش بروحهم يومها.. ضحّوا
وكان لنا شأن حتي في الهزيمة
وطن.. كان يعجبك جمعُه وطرحُه
علينا عين.. وباقي الأمة عين.
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين
وعاد تاني الملك يحكم بلادُه..
ومن بعد السنين دي.. زاد فسادُه
وكنا سادة فوق أرض الكنان
ةوأصبحنا عبيدُه.. أو عِبَادُهوضاع في
الزحمة مشوار السنين..أنا المصري
كريم العنصرين.
وتاني يا الفقير عاد من يخونك
وتتهان في بلادك عيني عينك
ولا الدِّين مكتفي من مص دمَّك
ولا عارف ديونهم من ديونك
وجيت للحق؟..
كله سلَف ودين
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين
وده يسلِّم لده والعصر فاجر
وتاجر حِنْت.. سلّمنا لتاجر
وأُم الأمة مصر الإنسانية
بتتآمر... وبتداري الخناجر
وكنت النجدة واستنجد بمين
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين..؟
وكنت أصرخ.. وكان الكلّ يسمع
وامِدِّ الإيد.. عدوّ الأمة يرجع
وجاني النطع يأمرني ويشخُط
وخلاني بقيت في الحق أنطع
أنا اللي كنت أصحِّي الغفلانين
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين!!
وكانوا يقولوا: »مصر«.. الشمس تطلع
وتعلا رقابنا فوق وعيوننا تلمع
وكنا نشيل قلوبنا فوق كفوفنا
وبصدورنا نواجه أي مدفع
فمين ساعدنا ع الوضع المهين..؟
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين!!
وإزاي النهاردة الدم.. عُومي
مقلقِل صحوتي وساكن في نومي
دمانا بتشتعل في أرض غزة
ولبنان.. نارها ماسكة في هدومي
وأنا اللي في الأسي واقف ما بين!
!أنا المصريكريم العنصرين.
ولولا الأنظمة العربية لامت..
وفي صفوف العدو حتكون وكانت
ما كان الموت عرف »صيدا« و»بَعَبْدا«
ولا كانت قيامّة الغدر قامت
ولا قلب العرب بيِّت حزين!.
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين.
وشوف لبنان بترحل من جنوبها
ونوم الليل.. ما بْيعرف جُنوبها
سطور النمل زاحفة للملاجئ
وريح الخونة ما هدِّت هبوبه
ألوف راحلين في قلبي مذعورين
!!أنا المصريكريم العنصرين
فيالبنان أنامِ اللِّي خانوك
ياحزب الله حكامنا باعوك
ياصاحبي.. ما عُدنا نملك غير هتافنا
هتافِنا مُرّ.. مالي رقابنا شوك
وعَلَنِي.. بنفعل الفعل المشين!!
.أنا المصريكريم العنصرين
يا(نصر الله) ده... زمن البياعين
وإنت طلعْت للأمة.. منين؟
تفكرنا بكل اللي نسيناه
أظنه صعب يصحوا الميتين
وخليتنا ـ الجميع ـ متفرجين
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين؟.
مازال نفس العدو.. ومازال خبيث
أبونا مات وسابْهُولنا.. وَريث
ومهما يلف ويدور.. راح يغور
وإسأل عِندنا بيوت السويس
حلاوة روح.. وحياة الحسين!!
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين.
بقت رايتك خلاص رمز لجهادك
بقيت رمز المقاومة في بلادك
ولبنان كلها بايتة في ضميرك
خلاص صَبَح الجهاد ماءك وزادك
لغيرالمسلمين والمسلمين!
أنا المصري
كريم العنصرين
بلاد الأمريكان إحنا وصهاينة
وصمتي ع اللي حاصل.. كلُّه معني
مازال الحلم لم فارق دمايا
علي رغم اللي عاشُه طعنة طعنة
يالبنان الكرامة.. لا تلين
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين.
ويالبنان ما تِطْفيش نار نضالِك
رجالك.. حتي لو ماحناش رجالك
بحور الدم ما تغرّق حقوقك
ولا تكسر مجاديف احتمالِك
حبيبك.. بس مش قادر أَعِين.
أنا المصريكريم العنصرين!!